Research & Monitoring - Groundwater Quality

Since 2006, the EIWD has worked with the Provincial Groundwater department and the Office of Drinking Water to assess the health of the aquifer in the Eastern Interlake. An aquifer is the source of underground water from which most of the interlake residents get their drinking water. The goal of this project was to test individual rural wells that are actively being used. The EIWD has collected information about the location and condition of wells in order to better understand risks to the source of our drinking water.  Watershed residents were asked to volunteer information about the status and history of the wells on their property.  Water samples were collected from each well, and were analyzed for bacteria and nitrate.
This data is being used to allow the EIWD to create programs that meet the needs of watershed residents and develop a 'source water protection plan' to ensure the source of the drinking water is safe for years to come.
Click on your watershed to see the EICD groundwater report:
Grassmere, Parks, Wavey, Netley 2008 (PDF .5mb)
Willow, Fish Lake  2009 (PDF.5mb)
Fisher River
Icelandic River, Washow Bay Creek